Davits for the Future 

Our davits are designed to be what you need – when you need it. Our models are designed to handle rough seas and changing environments, and built to last. When you choose a davit from our portfolio, or have one tailor-made to your requirements, you get the  best of both worlds; reliable equipment from top quality components and safety aboard that will last you long into the future.

Our range  of davits are poised to be the foremost choice in all maritime environments, whether you are your ship is Defense Navy, Merchant Navy or any Offshore vessels.

DavitNorway Aframe Davit from back-Left

Contact us with your needs – our davits will impress you!

We have a range of davits. What you require – we will deliver.

DavitNorway offers a range of davits for your vessels’ requirements
We offer A-fram davits in Steel and in Aluminium, as well as our own patented Adjustable davit.
When considering a new davit for your vessel, think ease of operations, ease of maintenance, and value over time.

Any DavitNorway davit offers the ultimate in boat handling, for both crew and operators.

If you have special requirements, or a need for a davit solution other suppliers have failed to solve – perhaps we can help.

Our approach to your solutions are always innovative, and based from decades of active, hands-on experience on davits in-use , on vessels. This give us the edge you need.

Our davits come standard with Dual brake systems and shock absorber
(standard with all SOLAS davits)

DavitNorway A-frame Davit

AFF Davits for FRC / MOB

A-frame Fixed Davits

AFF Davits FRC (Fast Rescue Craft Davit)
MOB (Man Over Board Davit)

Our A-frame, Fixed Davits are based on the current standard in the industry.
Fixed frame but re-designed for better maintenance accessibility.
Better maintenance,
Better operations
Safer at sea.

Available for FRC, Workboat, rescueboats and more.

Adjustable Frame - Telescopic and height Davit

AFTH Davits – FRC / MOB

Adjustable Davit – Height and Telescope

– MOB (Man Over Board) Davit
– FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) Davit
– WorkBoats Davit
– Daughter Craft Davit

In a modern world – always changing, you want your ship to be able to take on as many missions as possible. Don’t let the davit be your limiting factor.
The DavitNorway AFTH Davit allows for adjustable – on-the-fly adjustments to your davit’s working area. Height and telescopic flexibility – all in one.

A-AL Aluminium Davits

Aframe- Aluminium Davits
Davits for non-magnetic hulls.

For FRC use only

As the requirements for lightweight and/ Or non-magnetic hulls increase in the markets, DavitNorway offers an Aluminium davit, perfect for such applications.
The A-Al series offer the same ease of access for maintenance as all our other models, and handles FRCs from 1 -5 tons.