Meet the management team of DavitNorway.

We have a management team, and employees, who are experienced veterans in the market, and a management group with hands-on experience from the field.Our dedication to our customers, our flexibility in our approach to solutions, and our ability to create the solutions you need – is what brings you the extra value.

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Jan Halvorsen

Chief Technical Officer

Jan Halvorsen is a seasoned veteran from the davit industry.
With a background from world-known davit and crane companies such as Vestdavit and KIS, Jan has seen near all the issues which can arise in davit operations and handled near any challenge that can occur in installation, commission, operation or maintenance.

With this in mind, Jan’s ability to design and create solutions to Davit challenges are near unmatched.
Jan is the Chief Technical Officer in DavitNorway and is the main developer and innovator on our Davits.

I find that in developing davits, a practical approach to davits and davit challenges are the best.
When we design davits, we always start with questioning what are the basic challenges this davit (or series) should solve, and what problems can, and will arise in its operations?

Usually, this then manifests a host of “critical challenges” which we address and find solutions to before we move on. The end product is therefore always a davit we are certain will perform well beyond the customer’s expectations.”

Sven-Arild Wågsæter

Chief of Operations

Sven has more than 25 years of experience working with aircraft/helicopters and airlines, in management positions.
The last 11 years working with Vestdavit AS as Director of Operations with responsibilities for global sales. He has a broad international business/cultural experience working with customers /agents and companies worldwide.
Sven has a  degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a degree from NHH in Norway – Department of Business and Management Science.
A long career in international business has gained Sven-Arild a global reputation for excellence amongst customers and colleagues as well. A life-long international exposure has gained Sven-Arild a detailed and strategic understanding of business cultures, customer needs, and strategy.
“The only way to serve our customers is to understand them completely. Customers and their project teams often have to balance complex processes. Understanding not only the processes, but also the culture, and equally important; the end-buyer, is critical to how we solve our customer’s needs.

John Gentz

Chief of Operations – Africa

John was born in Cape Town and schooled at Wynberg Boys High. He is a qualified professional having studied at the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and the Cape University of Technology.
John has been involved in a number different business sectors and has occupied senior positions in a number of companies. He has been instrumental in turnaround of a number of businesses as well as the building of successful networks and creating motivated professional teams.His last position was as Divisional General Manager of a Marine company. In this period John traveled extensively in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas building business partnerships , extensive business Networks and establishing branches.
With more than 15 years’ experience, a Rhino thick skin and a “never-say-die” attitude John has developed a Customer Relations Network of Contacts in the SA Marine Industry, “par to non”.
John is an ambassador for service excellence and has a preference for extroversion and is energized through interactions with others. He also has a professional track record and a knack for closing deals.
John will bring his energy, passion and professionalism into marine solutions for your business  and will make the journey a truly professional, smooth and memorable one.
‘Good service makes the difference – Make every interaction count , even the small ones. They are all relevant .”

Vidar Halvorsen

Chief Executive Officer

Vidar Halvorsen is a marketer and business developer by experience and has worked in several capacities during his career.

He has his BSc International Marketing from the Norwegian School of Business, and an MBA from De La Salle University in the Philippines.
Strategy and business development is the main focus of Mr. Halvorsen. A keen eye for market opportunities and a strategic approach using proven and modern concepts to market penetration gives DavitNorway a solid foundation to grow from.

” Our approach to any customer, to any market, is to use its strengths and opportunities to strengthen our basic solutions. This way we find not only a product solution but a delivery method, a logistics and an aftersale strategy which not only works for DavitNorway but which effectively strengthen our customer as well.”

DavitNorway is continously working for excellence and improvement.
If you wish to hear more about the company or our solutions.

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