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How open sea rescue operations with davits can be safer?

As they operate at open sea, all ships and their crews face challenges and risks. In mitigating such risk, the design, the maintenance and correct use of the davit is essential. We at DavitNorway have long experience from shipboard operations. During near 2 decades of hands-on experience, we have had many talks with deck crew [….]

Davitnorway nominated to “Entrepreneur of the year award”

(translated article from SRbank News Center) The brothers Jan and Vidar Halvorsen, founders of DavitNorway has patented a new concept for adjustable davits.Their innovation can save ship operators and ship owners for millions of NOK.  Since the start of 2015, 16 batches of entrepreneurs and innovators has attended the Entrepreneurial program of Sparebank 1 – SR bank. 280 jobs have been created, and 110 million NOK found trough external [….]

DavitNorway invited into GrunderHub

Great news, indeed. Grunderhub is an innovation initiative by innovation dock in Stavanger, and the financing bank / Business bank SR-Bank.The initiative holds incubator and entrepreneurial programs for startup-companies with great, scaleable and who shows great international promises. DavitNorway got invited to pitch the business concept and was within hours accepted into this prestigious program.Over the course [….]