Meet us at ONS 2018

DavitNorway launches with visits to the ONS2018 offshore expo in Stavanger, Norway.
We will be there to mingle with the old and new network.
We bring with us information on our new models, and our concepts – Concepts that will serve your davit needs for many years to come.

We have taken the best of old knowledge and new design ideas – tailored to meet today and tomorrow’s demands for safe workings, easy access and economical service to new heights.
Some of our contacts have asked why to start a new davit company in an industry packed with major, global competitors? The answer is as simple as t is honest:

” Experiences earned over nearly 20 years in the industry have shown us that the industry has a need for improved Davits. DavitNorway was formed as a response to increasing requests from customers asking for davits easier to maintain, easier to operate, and moreover – a better lifetime value. This – we aim to meet. 
– Jan Halvorsen, CTO

Already, DavitNorway has secured several strategic partners who are eagerly awaiting the new designs. We focus on davits that give ease-of-use, and a clear life-cycle-value. With this, we feel confident our customers will be well satisfied and return with more orders soon.

Do you want to talk with us at ONS2018  ? Are you curious of what DavitNorway can present for you, at ONS2018 ?
Send us an email, or send us a text message on our phone

Jan Halvorsen: +47-923 03 092

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