AFTH Davits ( Patent Pending )

Approval / Society Class: on request
Other weight classes available on request.

Application Rules : According IMO/SOLAS requirement , LSA Code , EU regulations.

Our AFTH davits is a Patent pending, State-of-the-art davit which is a cost-effective solution for handling small -medium- large sized FRC and MOB boats, Workboats in different size and Daughter craft. This is an unique (and patent pending) davit design, due to its multi adjustable positions. Its unique design allows for placement in areas, where normal davits would require cutout sections to fit.

The unique function with adjustable size allows for change in Workboat/FRC in far greater variances than ever possible before. This give the ship operator flexibility in tasks than earlier.
Damage to your Workboat/FRC ?
Only smaller or larger sizes available in nearest port?
Exchange to what will solve your mission – within the Davits weight class – Problem solved !

A DavitNorway davit allows you to launch and recover boats fast, silently and safely.Our Rescue Boat davit system is designed to meet the high industry standards for retrieving all rescue boats safely from rough seas. Each davit is designed for minimal maintenance, safe and easy access and simplified operation.

All DavitNorway davits are also functional if all electrical power is lost in a “Dead -Ship -mode”. If this should occur, there is hydraulic stored power in the Accumulator for using jib out and to perform Emergency Operations, according to SOLAS.

All AFTH davits are shipped in 2 pieces, allowing for easier, saver and less costly transportation.
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Davit ModelAFTH 3000AFTH 5000
SWL3000 kg5000kg
Sea state66
Tension / Sea Rider systemYesYes
StructureSteel S355Steel S355
Emergency System- DeadShipYesYes
Wire rope DiameterØ14Ø18
Winch Type:DN-04T9DDN-07S4D
Hoisting Speed0-50 m /min0-50 m /min
Max Lowering /HoistHeight15 m15 m
Deck Installation BracketsYesYes
Limit Switch / End StopYesYes
Remote ControlOn RequestOn Request
OperationTemperature-20C till +40C

Other range on request

-20C till +40C

Other range on request

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